Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - August 26th 1830.

"Standing in this position he again addressed those below, saying, "I hope you will all take warning by my unhappy fate, and not commit sins, for tis my former sins have brought me to this, and not any thing I have now done."... the executioner came forward to pull the cap over his face–this he disliked, and at his earnest request it was so turned up as to leave the mouth free; ... and requested the executioner... not to turn him off until he dropped a handkerchief he held in his right hand, assuring him he would not keep him long... the bolt was drawn. The miserable man evidently still possessing the same collectedness... made an extraordinary effort, and his left hand had nearly grasped his throat, the points of the fingers not being an inch below, and where for several seconds they retained their hold. This however was gradually relaxed, and the arm fell into its pinioned position, but it was several minutes before life appeared extinct."