Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - April 1st 1830.

"Cudmore was about 30 years of age, short in stature, and deformed; and having expressed his hope that all who witnessed his end, would take warning by it, was launched off and died without a struggle. The number of spectators as compared with those attending some other exhibitions of this kind was small; among those within the walls of the prison was Dunn herself, and had not at that time been discharged out of custody, and at her paramour's request was, with the other prisoners, ordered into the yard. At the instant of his being turned off she sent up a terrible shriek, but which he heard not, and it is to be hoped, this narrow escape will cause her in future to pursue a life very different from that understood to characterize the past. After hanging the usual time, his body was delivered at the Devon and Exeter Hospital for dissection."