Extract from Broadsheet printed by E Brice, High Street, Exeter. April 6th 1801.

"Confession of Richard Fisher
I Richard Fisher, was born at Hartland, in the county of Devon, in the year 1772, and have lived in Barnstaple, which place proved my overthrow. One fatal morning, March 5th, 1801, a hungry belly and empty purse, did force me to steal one of John Dennis's fat bullocks, and I drove him to my master's field into a linhay, where I shot him with a musket ball, about eight o'clock in the morning. Soon after that, I took off its skin, and cut him up in quarters, and got him home to my own house. Next day the constables came to search my house, and there found three quarters of the bullock, and then they brought me before Justice Incledon. He committed me to High-Goal. At the Lent Assizes, I was tried before Judge Blane, and was sentenced to die for the same. Now I must die, but I live in hopes the Lord will pardon my sins, and prepare me an everlasting resting place."