The Newcastle Courant - April 5th 1861.

"Henry Hacked (Hackett), the private soldier who murdered one of the sergeants of his regiment, Henry Jones, at Plymouth, on the 5th of January last, was executed at Exeter, on Saturday. The culprit rose at an early house in the morning, and the Rev. James Eccles, a Roman Catholic priest, visited the convict and remained with him to the last. Shortly before twelve o'clock the Under Sheriff arrived at the gaol; and the Governor and the official at once proceeded to the condemned cell, where the process of pinioning was gone through by Calcraft. As the clock struck the hour, the procession moved towards the drop, and the rope having been adjusted, the miserible man shortly afterwards ceased to exist. The culprit maintained to the last that he did not intend to shoot Sergeant Jones, but attributed the act to the effect of drink. The crowd was immense." The Newcastle Courant - April 5th 1861.