The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (West Yorkshire, England), Tuesday, August 12, 1879
"The prison hospital was turned into a place of execution. Marwood was the executioner, and he gave a drop of eight feet. The prisoner's four children visited her on Saturday, when she acknowledged the justice of her sentence. Newspaper representatives were not admitted. A considerable number of people assembled outside the gaol. The morning was wet. The prisoner has made a confession, but the prison officials refuse to make known its purport until after the inquest, which will take place about noon It is believed the statement will confirm that previously made to Captain Bent, in which she stated that she first smothered the child, and then cut it up."

The Aberdeen Weekly Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Tuesday, August 12, 1879 did print a confession
"I hereby acknowledge that the confession I made to Captain Bent is true in the main particulars; that I am justly to suffer for my dreadful crime for which, as for all my many sins, I do most truly repent and heartily pray God's mercy, for the sake of his dear Son, my only Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Signed by me,
This 9th August, 1879"