Bus Crash - 1934 - film showing one of Exeter's First buses, after it tries to go under a low bridge.

Courtesy the Ian Hancocks

Exeter bus crashes into bridge - 1934 from David Cornforth on Vimeo.

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Temporary obstruction to traffic on the Exeter-Honiton road was caused on Friday when an Exeter omnibus came into contact with the bridge which is being erected to carry the new Exeter by-pass across the main road. There was a good clearance for the bus to go under the bridge, but the road rises sharply at the other end, and the roof of the bus struck the framework of iron joist girders, each 25ft. long and weighing half a ton. One fell into the road and three balanced on top of the bus. The front part of the roof of the bus, which was on trial had no passengers, was torn off.
The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Friday 27 July 1934