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Danes Road

Page updated 20 June 2009

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Construction of Danes Road commenced in 1905. It was in two phases - the first was no's 1 to 26 and 27 to 51. This phase was listed in the 1909 Besley's Directory. Like Hoopern Street, many of the inhabitants worked for the railways, although many worked at clerical or white collar jobs, such as railway inspector. There were also four police employees including a superintendent. As the requirements of the local community has changed, so has employment, and in the 1970's to 1990's there were several firefighters living in the road, reflecting the proximity of the Howell Road fire station, and it has also housed many prison wardens.

The second phase of Danes Road, which is marked by the two blocks of houses beyond the two side alleys was commenced in 1907, although it wasn't until 1913 that Besley's listed the extra houses. The second phase had slight differences, such as only one side window in the bay.

World War One Dead - Danes Road

Quartermaster Serjeant, John Henry Burcell, Devonshire Regiment. 9 May 1921. Age 50. Danes Rd
Lance Corporal, George Charles Curtis, Devonshire Regiment. 7 October 1918. Age 28. Danes Rd, Assistant Secretary of the Exeter Y.M.C.A.

In 1919 there was a city magistrate, cattle dealer and a Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows Lodge in the road.

There were two bomb hits on the reservoir during the raid of 4th May 1942 - one damaged a Water Works building while the second fell on the covered reservoir and damaged houses 50 yds away - the back of the houses in Danes Road. Some blamed the thorough shaking from exploding bombs for the remedial work on the front of a few houses in the 1990's.

Now the road has changed yet again and it is very popular for student houses as it is a short walk to the university, although parking is a nightmare for residents and visitors alike.

Sources: Personal recollections and Exeter Burning by Peter Thomas

Danes RoadDanes RoadThe top end of Danes Road in the early 1990s - student housing, and new developments in the gardens of the two end houses have since congested the road.

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