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Kalendarhay Lane

Page updated 15 September 2008

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MapThis name is derived from the word 'calendar'. The College of the Vicars, known as the Kalendars prepared the ecclesiastical calendar of obits (special masses). Hay derives from the word for enclosure. The lane itself links South Street with Cathedral Yard. St George's Church stood on the west side of South Street, opposite the College until 1843, when it was demolished for road widening. After the destruction of South Street from bombing in 1942, a Saxon doorway from the church was uncovered. Just a scrap of wall and doorway, but one of the earliest, still surviving structures in Exeter. When it was decided to preserve the ruins of the College as a memorial to the bombing, St George's doorway was moved into the area in front of the ruins, where it can be seen today.

Kalendarhay Lane

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