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Maddocks Row

Page updated 15 September 2008

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MapThe modern road that bears the council sign, Maddocks Row, is just a service road for the Paul Street carpark and the rear of Harlequins Centre. However, until the 1920's it was a terrace of eight buildings and was situated further up Paul Street, approximately where the entrance to the Guildhall Centre carpark can be found. When the Romans built a wooden aqueduct to bring water from St Sidwells, they routed it around the north side of Rougemont, and into the city at Maddocks Row. Hoskins claims that the Row was named after the builder or landlord when a way was cut through the city wall in 1772. However, in the 16th century it was known as Murally Lane. For many years, it was where the Mayor, in procession with civic dignitaries, would mount the wall for his annual tour of inspection. On the outside of the wall, where Maddocks Row emerged in Northernhay Street, can be found an early 18th century house. Inside the wall, Maddocks Row consisted of a mix of 18th century terraced houses and other buildings, facing up the hill. Their extensive rear gardens ran parallel with the city wall. The street directory for 1897 shows nine premises occupied by a mix of private residents and commercial businesses. By 1923, only three premises are listed.

Maddocks row, 28 Paul street to Northernhay street.
1 Vincent Albert, lithographia printer
2 Loveluck Edmund, herbalist
3 Lee Samuel, bookbinder
4 Clay A. J.& Co. earthenware, merchants
5 Wiltshere John
6 Hookway Walter
8 Fulford Herbert Arthur, assistant overseer for St. Paul's parish
9 Fulford & Son, auctnra 1923 Maddocks row, 28 Paul street to Northernhay street
2 Rowe Charles
5 Arnold Boaz
8 Burns Philip

Between 1921 and 1925, this side of Paul Street, including Maddocks Row, was cleared and Exeter's first bus station created in the space. In 1987, the area was redeveloped and the Harlequins Centre built. Maddocks Row was rebuilt on the Paul Street side of the wall as the service road we see today.

Maddocks Row - off Paul StreetThe excuse of a road now called Maddocks Row leads into..... Maddocks Row....the rear of Habitat and the real Maddocks Row that cuts through the city wall to Northernhay Street.

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