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List of other areas

This area was named after the US state, by Joseph Sparkes, a Quaker banker who built the terrace in about 1820. He lived in 1 Pennsylvania Terrace. The name for the terrace was then extended to the road and the area that was formerly Marypole Head.

Pennsylvania is between the ancient deer park of Duryard, and Stoke Hill. The road that led to the Roman Signal Station was through Pennsylvania.

The high ground to the north of the city was the last area to be developed due to the steep sided valleys. Extensive private estates were built in the 1960's and 1970's towards the top of the slopes.

A prominent figure, born in Pennsylvania was Leopold Agar Denys Montague (1861-1940). Not only did he play an important part in the affairs of Pennsylvania, but he also collected Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. Much of this collection can be seen in the Royal Albert Museum.

Upper PennsylvaniaThe city from Pennsylvania before the area was developed.Upper Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Park that gave its name to the area..

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