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Group Photos of Exeter Folk and Friends

Page updated 8th February 2016


These group photos of Exeter Folk cover a hundred years. Special celebrations such as Coronations, school reunions and outings, pageant and displays, sports teams and workers. The photos have been mostly selected because they show people from the twentieth century, that may still be remembered by today's generation - many of the people are still with us, contributing to the life of the city and wondering what happened to all those years that have passed. Some of the photos will only be of interest to a few, but have been included because they show a cross section of Exeter folk at the time.

If you have an interesting group photo please contact me to include it on this page.

Ambulance Service Staff 1969Ambulance Service Staff 1969 NEW
From left to right top row
Dave Chaney, Tery King, John Hill, Charlie Thomas, Tom Gayton, Roy Willmot, Fred Vaughen, Harold Christopher, Ron Brewer, Bill Alford, Bob Western, Frank Borham, Burt Ellicott, Peter Ramsden.
Bottom Row— George Wollacott George Baker (Mrs Burrows) Reg Casling Captain Irland Chief Ambulance Officer, Arthur Welland (Norma Haniford) George Soby, Fred Langdon (Gorden the cleaner). Photo John Hill.

Odeon staff 1937 NEW Odeon staff 1937
Page boys and commissioners in their new uniforms at the opening ceremoney of the Exeter Odeon 30 August 1937.

Golden Wedding 1896Golden Wedding 1896
The Golden Wedding Anniversary of Thomas and Ann Steed in 1896. They married at St Thomas’ Church on 13 September 1846, and lived their married life at Exwick Hill. The marriage produced ten children. Thomas died in 1908 and Ann in 1917 – both are buried in Exwick Cemetery. The others in the photograph are (l-r top row) Harry Steed, their eldest son, Walter Steed, their youngest son and son-in-law Bill Searle. (bottom row)Thomas, Ann and their youngest daughter Emma Searle (Bill's wife). Photo Jim Mackenzie.

Coronation - Hurst Avenue The Coronation at Hurst Avenue1953
A group photo taken at Hurst Avenue, St Loyes in June 1953 for the Coronation of Elizabeth II. Wendy Clifford, who supplied the photo can remember the names of the following in the photo (surnames) James, Davis, Eastman, Worth, Murch, Yard, Brock, Phillips. Andrews, Jackson, Dack, (my mum) Frost, Seaman, Greenaway.

The Exeter Mint Boys  School - 1924Exeter Mint School Choir 1924
The winning choir in the Devon Music Competitions of 1924
were the Exeter Mint Boy's School. They are holding the Amory Shield for their achievement. The choir was trained by the Head Master Mr. J .F .Bramwell and the Class Master Mr .W. Fitt. They were judged by Dr Arthur Somerville. Does anyone recognise a grandfather, or great grandfather in the photo? Photo Delma Hutchings.

Boys Brigade Party at The Huts - 1953 Boys Brigade Party at the Huts - circa 1953
The Boys Brigade Party at The Huts (Bradley Rowe School). Anthony (John) Donkin is front right – does anyone else recognise themselves or a friend or relative in the photo – if so, email me the details. Photo Anthony Donkin.

Exeter Practising School Class 3Exeter Practising School - 1900s
This photo shows Class 3 at the Exeter Practising School. The school was opened in 1873 at Exeter Diocesan Teacher Training College (St Lukes College) to serve as a classroom experience for trainee teachers. The school, housed in the College grounds, became known as St. Luke's College School, in 1934. In 1953 it moved out to Ringswell Avenue and renamed Vincent Thompson High School. Photo Jim Grosert.

John Stocker School cubs John Stocker Cubs - circa 1965
This photo was taken outside of St Thomas Methodist Church, probably in 1965/6. Martyn Howe, is in the top right hand corner and Andrew Howe, his brother next to him. It is thought the troop was going to camp in Exmouth for a week. Photo Andrew Howe.

Alphington Cubs 1951Alphington Cubs 1951
This picture was taken on Saturday, November 3, 1951, at the Alphington scout and cub HQ, Clapperbrook Lane, Alphington. The cubs are forming a guard of honor for the county commissioner, Sir Edmund Schreiber, at the opening of the new hut. Following him is the Exeter and District Commissioner, C W Hammett. Phil Hoare, who supplied the photo, is the cub on the far right.

Girl Guides 1980Girl Guides 1920sGirl Guides 1920s and 1980s
Girl Guides in Exeter 60 years apart. The first photo shows a troop of Guides photographed in the 1920s. Their uniform is almost a pastiche from the Comic Strip show. Right, is a parade of Guides from 1980, outside the Cathedral. Photo from Lydia Barnard.

Road gang Topsham.Road gang near Topsham - circa 1935
A steam driven road roller and a road gang on the road between the Bridge Inn, Topsham and the George and Dragon. One of the gang, Arthur Stanley Casley, second right, later became an upholsterer. He would proudly tell his children that the quality of the road across the Topsham marshes, and the camber by the Bridge Inn was due to his work. Photo courtesy of David Casley.

Nurses at VA Hospital 1 in 1915 Nurses at VA Hospital No 1 1915
Georgiana Buller, daughter of the General, was responsible for opening the first VA Hospital in Exeter at the old Eye Infirmary in Magdalen Road. She was eventually responsible for 44 auxiliary hospitals which treated 35,000 soldiers during the first war. This photo shows the nurses at the Eye Infirmary in July 1915, when there were 1,400 beds available across the city.

Bishop Blackall girls' in a school production.Bishop Blackall School play 1949
A group of Bishop Blackall girls' in some very exotic clothes pose for a photo in 1949. They were appearing in Tobias and the Angel, a story about a boy who is sent by his blind father to repay a debt. Archangel Raphael accompanies the boy and instructs him to catch a fish which will cure his father of his blindness. Personally, I can't see any archangels or fish amongst these girls. Identified girls are Joyce Little left, Vivian Clinton next to her, Jennifer Pemberthy second right, standing and Jane Hartshorn sitting right. Photo Jane Hoad (nee Hartshorn).

Children bombed out of their homes 1942Exeter's blitzed out children 1942
A large group of children who had been bombed out of their homes are photographed with the City's Mayoress Mrs Glave Saunders at a party to raise spirits in 1942. Photo Jane Hoad who appears in the photo.

St Thomas Methodist Church hall Town's Women's GuildSt Thomas Methodist Church hall Town's Women's GuildSt Thomas Townswomen's Guild, 1950s
These two photos are of the afternoon meetings of St Thomas Townswomen's Guild. Left is the Buller Hall while bottom is the Methodist Hall. The cake cutter is the president, Mrs Fanny Lethbridge. In the left photo, the second left is Elsie Thomas and second right, Mrs Howard, former landlady of the Seven Stars in Okehampton Street. Photo courtesy Tony Lethbridge

Exeter City FC 1913/14Exeter City FC 1914
The Exeter City football team of 1914 - this was the year that City toured South America and played the Brazil national team. Dick Pym, the Topsham goalkeeper is in the back row, third from left.

Coronation 1953Coronation Celebration, 1953
A group of parents and children from Hoker Road, just before their Coronation celebration trip to Goodrington Sands. Some of the people in the photo are: Jack Stalvis, Douglas Woodhall, Kenneth Bellamy, Sheilar Mares, Mrs Challacombe, Margaret Grey, Nellie Turner, Myra Latham, Mary Napper, Mickey Marks, Margaret Sylvester, Alice Walland, Anne Walland, Len Sylvster, Colin Courtley, Peter Hinchliffe, Jane Pym, Geraldine Roberts, Anne Sandies, Lesley Brookes, Neta Woodward, Susan Slocombe, Trevor Scorer, John Woodhall, Anne Pym, Raymond Bellamy, Ron Turner and Den Turner who supplied the names. There are also many parents of the children. Photo courtesy of Peter Hinchliffe.

Christmas 1944Wonford School, Christmas 1944
This is the Christmas tea for children attending Wonford Street Infants School in 1944. The children look rather apprehensive, which is not surprising judging by the scary Father Christmas. The tea is rather meagre due to rationing. The school building is still there, on the corner of  Wonford Street and Salters Road.

Bishop Blackall SChool reunion 1985Bishop Blackall School Reunion 1985
The 1985 reunion of the class of 1969/70 from Bishop Blackall School. This is thought to be the last reunion before the school was closed. If you are in the photo, tell me about it. Photo courtesy Jane Hope.

Exeter School 1929Exeter School 1968Raleigh House, Exeter School 1929 and 1968
In the top photo, second from right, standing, is Ambrose Mansfield Tucker who was born in December 1912. He was still going strong in 2007, when his son thought he may be the oldest, still surviving, former pupil from Exeter School. In the bottom photo are the boys from 1968 including fifth from left, front row, Patrick Woodland who supplied the photo, sadly died on 14 May 2008; Patrick was a historian who ran Devon Ancestry, and helped people trace their roots. 1929 photo courtesy of Mike Tucker.

The Lion's Football TeamThe Lions Football Team
It is believed that this football team was part of the Juventus League for local youngsters that ran until the early 80s. The manager of this team, the Juventus Lions, in the centre, was Mr 'Mac' Hodder. The team was based in the old Willeys tin church in Willeys Avenue. Mr Hodder is remembered as a kindly man who gave an opportunity for hundreds of boys to play football, from the 1950s. Information supplied by John Moore. If you can confirm or expand, please email me.

Angela Marks Wedding 1967Wedding at St David's - 1967
This photo is included because it shows many local people. Back row l to r: Alfred Yarnley, Eric Yeo (organist), Walter Daw (twice Mayor), Rev John Allen, Edward Taylor. Second back row: Alan Woodland, Percy Lendon, Rev Tom Pritchard (vicar of St David's), Dougie Watton, Rev Gordon Ruming, Cecil Morris, 'Jimmy' Green. Next row: Wilfred Gorman, Jeffrey Woodland, Robert Beckford, Fred Bovett the groom, Angela Hoskins the bride, Basil Hibberd, David Smith, Tony West, David Hallett.  Front row; Michael Green, Patrick Woodland, Michael Cose, Brian Weir, Ian Olpin, Ashley Smith, Richard Green, Richard Jennings, two Allen boys, Tony Hoskins, Michael Hoskins (father of the bride and brother of WG). Fred Bovett was a member of the choir and Michael Hoskins was Head Server, hence the gathering of clergy, choir and servers at the wedding.

United NationsHeavitree Junior School - UN Day
A photograph of Heavitree Junior School, South Lawn Terrace celebrating the United Nations. The organisation was founded in June 1945, although this photo looks as though it dates from the early 1950's. The school is now the St Michaels Church of England Primary School.

Exeter Rowing Club 1953Exeter Rowing Club - 1952
The Exeter Rowing Club was formed in 1946, although its origins can be traced back to as early as 1864. This is the club in 1952, photographed outside the Port Royal public house. At the time Marcus Hodges, the engineering company supported the club, with the youth team consisting of many company apprentices.

Park keepers 1908Exeter Park Keepers 1908
A group of Exeter's park keepers pose for the camera in 1908. In the centre there appears to be four chefs - perhaps they provided refreshments in one of the city's parks. If you know more about them, please let me know.

Police band 1960sCity of Exeter Police Band 1960s
The Exeter City Police band at a 'gig', thought to be in the early 1960's. This was just before the Beatles and Rolling Stones changed music for ever.

Kitcheners ArmyKitchener's New Army, Exeter 1914
On 6th August 1914, General Kitchener ordered the recruitment of a New Army, comprised of volunteers who would sign on for three years or the duration of the war. Within 2 weeks, 100,000 had enlisted in first K1 phase, consisting of 6 divisions. By the 10th December 1914, K4 had been recruited and K5 was sanctioned. The 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Service Battalions, the Devonshire's were enlisted at Exeter. 

Meccanoclub27Exeter Meccano Club FC 1927
Frank Hornby, the inventor of Meccano shrewdly encouraged the formation of Meccano Clubs around the country. Thousands were formed where boys would share their ideas about new Meccano models, and the engineering principles behind them. Exeter's Meccano Club had a football team, as depicted in the photo, where they are showing off an impressive trophy.

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