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City Wall Mosaic

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After completing the fountain mural at the entrance to Broadgate House carpark in 1994, two other Elaine Goodwin mosaics were added in 1995 at the entrance. Elaine was assisted by Rhonwen Vickers who worked on the borders.

The mosaics depict the Garden of Livia in Naples from the time of Augustus. They show the garden filled with colourful flowers, trees and a selection of birds. A bird was included in one panel as a tribute to a local, Ann who fed the local pigeons and who had just lost her pet rook.

The lower mosaic was situated on the side of the exit lane of the carpark and hardly catches a glance from passing traffic. The top mosaic was in a recess which contained a yellow sand box for treating the road in frosty weather - it is a shame that it is not more prominent.

The lower mosaic was damaged when it was removed when the entrance to the carpark was closed off during the rebuilding of Princesshay and was permanently lost. The upper mosaic was moved into the walkway in the centre of Broadwalk House.

Elaine Goodwin Broadwalk mosaic City Wall mosaic by Elaine Goodwin

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