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Harbour Sports street art

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This latest piece of 'street art' was produced over the weekend of 30 August 2008, when a 17 strong team of graffiti artists worked with their spray cans to brighten this wall at the rear of the Harbour Sports Shop. The work faces Smythen Street, and has a theme of surfing with the obligatory tag writing that no one can actually read!

The paint and site was provided by Harbour Sports in an effort to brighten a small car park and the 15 metre high wall. Being street art, they used aerosol cans of paint rather than brushes, erecting scaffolding to reach the top of the building. They have utilised the protruding chimney as a feature with Neptune holding a trident, an octopus and a giant squid arranged vertically. Each side is less satisfying to my eye and exhibit the problems associated with such a collaborative art work demonstrating a lack of unity of form and colour.

Harbour Sports mural

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