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Bonhay Road Railway Bridge

Page updated 25 March 2009

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This brick built railway bridge that takes the old Southern Railway line from St David's Station to Central Station (Queen Street) and Waterloo Station in London. The link between St David's and Queen Street Stations was opened on 1st February 1862.. The link climbed towards Queen Street station, crossing the Bonhay Road on a 1 in 37 incline. Even with modern diesel units, in some conditions, trains still struggle to climb the incline.

An interesting little detail on the bridge dates from World War Two. Underneath the railway arch there were built some holes at ankle level into which were to be placed triangular girders, to block the road. The girders were piled near by. There was a fear during the Second War that the Germans would land parachutists and the iron obstruction was designed to block the roadway.

Further down the line where it runs parallel to the river there was the Head Weir bathing area, a council run facility that closed before the Second World War. It was run by Frank Shooter at the end of the 19th-Century.

Bonhay Railway Bridge The Bonhay Road railway bridge Bonhay Bridge detail Holes for wartime defences

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