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Deller's Cafe - a much loved lost gem

Page added 7th November 2011

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Deller's Cafe in Cathedral YardThe first Deller's Cafe in Exeter opened in the old Exeter Bank premises, adjacent to the Royal Clarence Hotel, on the corner, in 1905.

Dellers Cafe in 1914The interior of Deller's Cafe in Cathedral Yard in 1914.

Dellers Cafe, Bedford StreetDeller's Cafe was built in 1916 over, and adjacent to, Lloyds Bank, which was on the corner of the High Street and Bedford Street. Deller's entrance was from Bedford Street.

The Grand Entrance, Dellers CafeThe grand, Baroque scrolled entrance pediment, beneath which were two reclining sculpted female figures over columns, on either side of the door. A suitable entrance for a magical interior.

The main floor, Dellers CafeThe area for the orchestra on the floor of the cafe. The gallery where diners could sip afternoon tea while entertained by 'Gwen Master and her Orchestra' surrounded the main floor.

Looking down into the basementLooking down onto the main floor from the gallery.

Dellers Cfe main dining room The dining room.

Dellers Cafe - the luncheon roomThe luncheon room.

Dellers CAfe - the grand staircaseDeller's grand staircase to the gallery.

Colour postcard if the interiorA colour postcard from 1920 showing the interior of Deller's. A note on the back stated "What do you think of this palace".

Fancy Dress - ready for DellersFlannel Dance ticketDeller's was the place to go for special celebrations and events. Left is a ticket for a Grand Flannel Dance held in August 1931. Right, is a lady dressed as Sheba, ready for a Fancy Dress Ball at Deller's, probably in the 1920s.

Dellers Band - 1932One of the bands that regularly played at Deller's Cafe - 1932.

Delivery to Dellers kitchen Kitchen staff line up to take delivery of grouse and pheasant, tied to the side of the car. This is an early photograph from 1916.

Dellers kitchen staffKitchen staff pose for a photograph. George Croft, head chef, is on the extreme right – 1930s.

Dellers staff partyGroup photo of the Deller's staff at a staff party.

The sad ruins of DellersThe ruins of Deller's Cafe in 1942.

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