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The Cosy - Topsham

Page updated 3rd March 2011

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The Cosy - early 1920's to 1928

Originally a Methodist Hall, the Cosy Cinema was situated in Chapel Place, and run by H C Gould in the 1920's. Henry was a busy man, because he also ran the Post Office, a building firm and was captain of the fire brigade.

The cinema had stalls and a balcony. Gould projected his silent films from a hand-cranked machine while a Miss Drew accompanied on the piano. If the DC electric supply failed, the projection lamp would extinguish, plunging the cinema into darkness. The assistant projectionist, Gordon Edds would run to the generating station in White Street to tell "What What" Chesney, the engineer to slip the drive belt back on the generator. The projection room could only hold one person and when a call of nature forced the operator to leave, the film would have to be halted if it was near the end of a reel.

Gould would have two shows a week - the first on a Wednesday evening, included a serial. The next episode of the serial could be seen at the Saturday night show, thus ensuring a loyal audience. The building was taken over by William Vaughan & Son Ltd, glove manufacturers. It is now a private house.

Cosy Cinema, TopshamCosy Cinema, Topsham

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