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Where or Who is This? the photo identify page

Page updated 17th November 2010

The photos on this page are thought to be in Exeter, but have something missing – it maybe where it was taken or it may be who the people are. If you can help to research a photo please email me at my Contact Address.

Timber Shed

This photo of workmen in a large shed sawing and stacking timeber was sent to me by Paul Davey. Paul wrote "I have a photo taken in what appears to be a sawmill ca 1910 or so. The photo is among my family odds and ends, and my family is from Exeter on both sides. But there's nothing on it, back or front, to tie it down to a particular place. There's nobody left in my family who'd be able to indentify it, and nobody as far as I know who ever worked in a mill."

Can anyone add anything to Paul's assertion that it is a timber shed on Shilhay. If it is Shilhay, it must be a rare view into one of Exeter's major industries in the first part of the 20th Century.

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Timber shed

Exeter Cycle Club

This is another photo sent to me, this time by Tony Melhuish. Tony wrote "A group (some with top hats) taken in front of hand cart flying a couple flags. The cart bears a display board with the words ”Exeter Cyclist” on it. Unfortunately members of the group are impeding the view of the board but it possibly has the word carnival or anniversary written on it. I would think it was taken in the 1920s. I do not know the location of the photo-take. I also do not know how the photo came into my possession. I remember The Exeter Cyclist Club being in Sidwell Street in the 40/50s but this photo was not taken there."

Again, can anyone shed some more light on the photo - the occasion, the people and where it was taken.

Cycle Club

The 1937 Coronation?

Keith Metcalfe of Torquay sent in the photo on the right. It appears to show a street celebration, probably for the 1937 Coronation. Keith seems to think it is a street in Exeter, but is unable to recognise it. He first contacted the Devon Record Office, and they do not know where it is. If you think you know the street in Exeter where the celebration took place, please let me know.

1937 Coronation

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