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School Photos of Exeter

Page added 28th June 2015

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A page of school photos from Exeter from 1900 to about 1970. Some have been sent to me by individuals from the city, and some have been posted on the Exeter Memories FaceBook page, and used with permission. If you know the identities of any of the individuals, please email me.

Newtown Boys' SchoolNewtown Boys' School – 1928
Only Jimmy Dykes has been identified on this photo. One known teacher from this period was Mr Lawrence, who had fought in the First War. Newtown School history. Photo Lynne Maclean.

Newtown Boys' SchoolNewtown Boys' School
It is known that Jimmy Dykes is one of the boys in this photo from the late 1920s. Photo Lynne Maclean.

Newtown Junior SchoolNewtown Junior School
There is a definite 'Dutch' theme to this group portrait from Newtown School. Photo Lynne Maclean.

Newtown Junior School – 1959-60Newtown Junior School – 1959-60
Photo Lynne Maclean.

John Stocker School – 1955John Stocker School – 1955

Teachers at John Stocker SchoolTeachers at John Stocker School – 1967
John Stocker School history.

Cowick Street Infants – 1953Cowick Street Infants – 1953
Top row left Miss Oswald, Mrs Griffiths headmistress far right and Miss Lewis to her left. Mary Bassett (2nd row down 7th from right). Kenny Britton (3rd row down 2nd left).

Bishop Blackall School – 1966Bishop Blackall School – 1966
Bishop Blackall School history.

Bishop Blackall School – 1966Bishop Blackall School – 1966
Another group photo for Bishop Blackall School from 1966.

Bishop Blackall School – 1966Bishop Blackall School – 1966
This photo shows more pupils from 1966.

Bishop Blackall Lower School – 1966Bishop Blackall Lower School – 1966

Bishop Blackall School - Edwardian pupilsBishop Blackall School - Edwardian pupils

Countess Wear Junior School – 1953Countess Wear Junior School – 1953

Countess Wear Junior School – 1954Countess Wear Junior School – 1954
Eileen Hammond bottom right dark pinafore. Photo Gerald Sclater.

Countess Wear Junior School – 1952Countess Wear Junior School – 1952
Photo Gerald Sclater.

St David's Boys' School – 1920sSt David's Boys' School – 1920s
Bill Howard is far, top right. Photo Christopher Howard.

Vincent Thompson teachersVincent Thompson teachers – 1958

Heles School – 1967Heles School – 1968
The cross country team. Hele's School History.

Vincent Summerway Middle School – 1957/8 teachersSummerway Middle School – 1957/8
Some suggested names - top row is Janet Berry, Jennifer Conn, Evelyn Pow . Barbara Martin with the white headband. Front row Jacqueline and Geraldine Phear.

St Sidwell School 1959/60St Sidwell Infants School 1959/60
Bottom row right Suzanne Pierpoint.
Far left Sharon Krock. Middle row, 4th from the right, Alan Maddocks.

The Little School - 1953The Little School - 1953
Staff in the photo are Miss Brown, Miss Birtles and Mrs Ashwin.

The Little School 1956The Little School 1956
Staff in the photo areMrs Newman, Miss Birtles, Miss Short and Miss Ireland.

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