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Robert Adams - NSW, Australia

"My family history goes back some generations in, and around Exeter. My father was actually born in the Turf Locks Hotel. His parents were the proprieters of the hotel, and the lock keepers at the time, about 1920. I do believe there is a picture and story about him on the wall of the pub."

Note - the trade entry for the Turf Locks: 1919 - Turf, R. W. Adams, Exminster, Exeter - Kelly's

"My mother was born in Kent, but her father was born at Priory Manor Farm (Polsloe Priory - Polsloe), which his father farmed at the time

 A cousin of his, farmed from Honeylands (I hope I've got that right) which at the time was a walk across the fields. No doubt, nowadays it is several roads and housing estates . I'm led to believe the family, together, ran a dairy in Exeter - I believe Adams Dairy.

Another sister of my grandfather, lived close by. The house, named Pinbrook House, has a colorful history. At one time they had a window tax on houses. This place, being rather large, had a lot of windows - so to avoid the tax, a number were bricked up and re-opened when the tax was abolished.

My fathers family, also lived in a street I believe to be called, Mont le Grande. My parents were both from the same family - I believe 5 cousins - which might explain the 6 fingers on each hand".

Honeylands House is now Honeyland's Hospital for Children in Pinhoe Road. Mont le Grand is off Polsloe Road

Turf Locks today The Turf Locks today Turf Locks in the 1930's The Turf Locks in the 1930's Pinbrook House in Pinhoe Pinbrook House at Pinhoe

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