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A tip and run raid, December 1942 - John Bradbury

At about 12:30 PM on Wednesday, December 30, 1942, I saw an FW 190 release the bomb that arched and fell on Holloway/South Streets.

The day was bright and sunny and I saw this happen from the grounds of the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital where I worked. The bomb was released at Topsham Road at County Hall as the aircraft flew at a speed of approximately 325MPH and at an altitude of approximately 700 feet. Six FW 190A's of 10 (JABO) JG2 took off (each carrying one 500KG bomb) from the Luftwaffe Airfield at Caen-Carpiquet Normandy in the mid-morning.

At Exeter, the most westerly 190 dropped its bomb at the basin and it ricochetted from there landing at Isca Road/Willeys Avenue. To the east, an FW 190 bombed Attwyl Avenue, St. Loyes and another bomb from a 190 fell into the Clifton Hill Clay Pit. This last calamity caused the houses on Posloe Road to be covered with clay and mud. I saw this later as I cycled to my home at Pinhoe Road. I do not know anything regarding the other two aircraft or if other bombs were dropped elsewhere in Exeter, perhaps someone would know about this?

John Bradbury was born in Exeter. He now lves in Toronto, Canada

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