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Bampfylde Lane and Street

Page updated 12th May 2019

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map John Bampfylde built Bampfylde House between 1590 and 1594, in what is now Princesshay. The street next to the house that led to the High Street was named Bampfylde Street. In 1934, the City Council purchased the house and opened it to the public. It became a total loss, along with the street during the May 1942 bombing.

In 1890, Frank Shooter, who was well known in the city for being a lifeguard at the Head Weir bathing area, ran a gymnasium in Bampfylde Street. He had regular wrestling matches, that were open for all comers.

Up until 1942, the street was home to many small businesses that didn't need a High Street location. The Board of Trade, share and insurance brokers, photographers and solicitors were just some of the businesses in the street.

The post-war rebuilding, in 1953, created a short arcade that ran from the High Street to cross Princesshay and on to Broadwalk House, on the line of the old Bampfylde Street, and named Bampfylde Lane. The redevelopment of Princesshay will include a new pedestrian only street that may also be called Bampfylde Lane in the same position.

A new street named Bampfylde Street was built after the war, between the bus station and Sidwell Street; it is a service road for the rear of the Sidwell Street shops, and access for a carpark.

Listed are the occupants of Bampfylde Street(Lane) in 1897.

Bampfylde street, High street to Catherine street.
2 Cann Brothers, tailors &c
3 Coward James, hair dressr
3 & 4 Mugford Mrs. Annie, dress maker
4 Evans William, boot makr
5 Bremridge & Luke, solctrs
5 Varwell Hawkins B.coal mer
5 YeoHy. stock & share broker
5 Hawkins Edward Varwell, stock & share broker
5 Western Counties Musical Association, Edtnund W. Luke, hon. sec
   School Board Offices, John Austin, clerk
   Dymond & Parsons,survyrs
   Bath & West of England Agricultural Society, F. W. Dymond, hon. treas
   Ashman Misses Margaret,
   Ruth & Blanche, registry office for servants

The occupants for 1923 follow. It is interesting how some professions are in the same addresses, but with different names.

Bampfylde street, High street to Catherine street.
2 Carter Miss Helen, wardrobe dealer
3 Perry Frederick Charles, hairdresser
4 Johnson William Geo, tailor
5 Gage Arnold, estate agent
5 Bremridge & Luke, solctrs
   Manning D. & Co. fancy goods importers
   Pollard W. & Co. Limited, printers &c
   Varwell, Guest & Co. Limited, coal mers. (Bampfylde ho)

The entrance to Bampfylde Street

The entrance to Bampfylde Street on the right.

A painting of Bampfylde House

A painting of Bampfylde House in Bampfylde Street.

The entrance to Bampfylde Street from the old Princesshay

The entrance to Bampfylde Street from the old Princesshay.

Bampfylde Street from the new Princesshay

Bampfylde Street from the new Princesshay.

The wrecked Bampfylde House in 1942

The wrecked Bampfylde House in 1942.

Bampfylde Lane in 2006

Bampfylde Lane in 2006.

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