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Debenhams' last sale

Saturday 15th September 2007

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Debenhams for saleExeter's Debenhams' last Saturday sale due to relocation was announced with two large banners hanging on the store. The building is probably to be refurbished as more retail, with residential accommodation in the tower, by Urban Splash, a company that specialises in regenerating old, clapped out buildings!

Debenhams windowThe last sales posters in the windows of Debenhams.

Empty windowsThe displays have been removed from the windows, and posters tell, those who don't know, of the opening of the new store at 10am sharp on the 20th September.

Looking for a bargainRummaging through the racks, looking for a cut price bargain.

Bargain basement chinaTwo young Designers at Debenhams hover around a table of cut price china. Many of the staff seemed quite bemused by the last Saturday of trading.

Grabbing the bargainsI'll have this one, and this one and this one, oh and there's this one.... now how much so far - eight quid!

Worn out shoppersThe stairs to what I remember was once Miss Selfridge, are blocked off. A dad and his children take a breather.

Escalator to the basementThe mens department in the basement was selling off the last of its stock. Customers entered via the escalator, a darkened, empty space with one corner still active. The basement was said to be nuclear bomb proof, and would double as a shelter or hospital in an emergency.

Empty basement unitsA corner sales area is blocked off with shop fittings in the basement.

The basement stairsA view towards the stairs, the exit from the basement. Empty display areas are lit amongst the gloom.

Basement mannequins Basement mannequins
Two mannequins whose days are over at Debenhams, await their fate. The new store has 560 new mannequins.

The video games departmentThe video games department in the basement. The same area sold TV's and video recorders in the past, and of course, generations of teenagers purchased their latest pop records down in the basement.

Pile of boxesEmpty boxes stacked in a forgotten corner of the store that opened in 1964.

An empty basement Another view across an empty basement - just enough light was provided so customers after bargains could find the corner that was still selling men's clothing. There did seem to be a lot of unsold socks and underpants!

Empty third floorThe third floor was closed with empty racks, and damaged stock placed in wheeled baskets. Luggage, curtains bedroom linen and bathroom fittings accessories had been sold from the floor.

Second floorThe first floor is also closed off for business.

Last customers for tea and cakesThe last customers in the restaurant attend to their hungry child.

Empty restaurantEmpty restaurantEmpty tables stretch across the now empty restaurant.

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