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Drawings of Fore and New Bridge Street

Made by Auboné Braddon

Page added 9th January 2014

These drawings of Fore Street and New Bridge Street were made in 2014 over a period of 10 months by Auboné Braddon. Some would think that photographs would illustrate the streets just as well, if not better than drawings, but the artist's pencil and eye will emphasize many details that would not be so obvious in a photo. Auboné is a true Exonian–due to being born with poor eyesight he was educated at the West of England School for the Blind. Because of his poor eyesight he looks at the detail of his subject while making his drawings. The drawings were on display at the Exeter Community Centre for two and a half months. The most prominent businesses are named.

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South Street to Market Street

79–82 Fore Street79–82 Fore Street
Chevalier Inn

82–84 Fore Street82–84 Fore Street
High and Mighty
Previously Pinder and Tuckwell
Milk Street

Market Street to John Street

88–90 Fore Street88–90 Fore Street

94 Fore StreetMarket Street
94 Fore Street
Children's Hospice

Previously Harbour Sports

95–96 Fore Street95–96 Fore Street

97–101 Fore Street97–101 Fore Street

Previously Franklin Cinema

102–104 Fore Street102–104 Fore Street
Thomas Moore

105–108 Fore Street105–108 Fore Street

John Street to King Street

109 Fore Street109 Fore Street
(Fore Street Arcade)
John Street
110 Fore Street
Taunton Leisure
Previously St John's Church

111–113 Fore Street111–113 Fore Street

King Street to West Street

115–116 Fore Street King Street
115–116 Fore Street

117–119 Fore Street117–119 Fore Street

120–121 Fore Street120–121 Fore Street
Previously The Devonport Arms

124–125 Fore Street124–125 Fore Street

127–128 Fore Street127–128 Fore Street

130 Fore Street130 Fore Street

West Street to end of New Bridge Street South

1–2 New Bridge StreetWest Street
1–2 New Bridge Street

Endicotts (2 West Street)

3–5 Fore Street3–5 Fore Street

New Bridge Street north to Bartholomew Street

5A–6 New Bridge Street5A–6 New Bridge Street

21 New Bridge Street21 New Bridge Street
See West Gate Festival mural


25–27 New Bridge Street25–27 New Bridge Street
to right is the bridge over Frog Street

28–30 New Bridge Street28–30 New Bridge Street

31–34 New Bridge Street31–34 New Bridge Street

34–35 New Bridge Street34–35 New Bridge Street
Centre door leads to the Exe Island Mission (now Exeland House - Plumb-It)

36–38 New Bridge Street36–38 New Bridge Street

39 New Bridge Street Rackclose Lane 40 New Bridge Street39 New Bridge Street
Rackclose Lane
40 New Bridge Street

Bartholomew Street to Friernhay Street

132–133 Fore Street132–133 Fore Street

134 Fore Street134 Fore Street

136–138 Fore Street136–138 Fore Street

McCoy's Arcade, Fore StreetMcCoy's Arcade, Fore Street

Tuckers HallTuckers Hall

143 Fore Street143 Fore Street
Former home of Sir John Duntz and Thomas Latimer of the Western Times and Wheatons Printers.

141–142 Fore Street141–142 Fore Street

144–147 Fore Street144–147 Fore Street

Friernhay Street to Mint Lane

148–149 Fore Street148–149 Fore Street

150 Fore Street Friernhay Street 150 Fore Street150 Fore Street
Friernhay Street
150 Fore Street

Mint Lane to Mary Arches Street

152–153 Fore Street152–153 Fore Street

154 Fore Street Mint Lane 155 Fore Street154 Fore Street
Mint Lane
155 Fore Street

156–158 Fore Street156–158 Fore Street

The Mint Methodist ChurchThe Mint Methodist Church

St Olave's ChurchSt Olave's Church

163–164 Fore Street163–164 Fore Street
Former site of Stone's Chemists

Mary Arches Street to North Street

165–166 Fore Street165–166 Fore Street
Mary Arches Street

173–176 Fore Street173–176 Fore Street

British Home Stores, Fore Street.British Home Stores, Fore Street.

182–184 Fore Street182–184 Fore Street
182–183 Brocks Furniture Store
184 Wheatons and Cornish's

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