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Wharfingers Office
Alphington Street before it was demolished and replaced by the Riverside Leisure Centre and shopping precinct.Captain Baines, Onedin LineThe brigantine Marques during the filming of the Onedin Line in March 1976.

One hundred years ago – December 1919
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His Identity Practically Established

The case of the mystery man at Exeter, first reported in the "Express and Echo" on Monday, has aroused considerable interest, especially in view of later developments.
There seems to reasonable ground for supposing that he is, as he claims. Michael O'Leary, V.C.
Further information now available shows that was first discovered last Thursday evening lying in a fit in the middle of the road near Kennford by ex-P.C. Hatherleigh, who was cycling. Mr. Hatherleigh attended him, and when he was well enough walked with him to the Alphington-road tram terminus, put him the car...
Western Times - Thursday 04 December 1919
Excess Charge for Petrol at Exeter
At the Guildhall, Exeter, yesterday, the City Profiteering Committee heard a complaint lodged by Mr. W. Talbot. 64. Park-road, Exeter against Messrs. Stanfield and White, St. Sidwell's Exeter, with reference to a charge for 1s for a pint of petrol. The Committee, after hearing both complainant and respondent, decided that an excessive charge had been made, and declared the price which would yield a reasonable profit was 8d. and ordered respondent to refund 4d to complainant.
Western Times - Tuesday 09 December 1919
Dense Fog.

A dense fog hung over Exeter and district the whole of yesterday and greatly interfered with business and traffic. At scarcely any  time, except for a brief period about noon, was it possible to see more than a few yards. Gas and electricity had to be used continuously for illuminating purposes in a large number of business The police on point duty had considerable work in regulating the vehicular traffic in High-street, Fore-street, Queen-street, Paris-street, and other principal thoroughfares. The electric trams found it impossible to keep to the scheduled times...
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - Wednesday 17 December 1919
Death from natural causes was the verdict of the Exeter City Coroner, yesterday, relative to the death of a four-year-old boy named Albert Sidney Brooks, son of a carter, of Churchill-place, Cowick-street,  St. Thomas. The evidence was that the boy had measles, and was in bed for a week when he suddenly became worse and died...
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - Friday 19 December 1919


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Exeter Dissenters Graveyard

Exeter PubsThis Booklet, published in June 2018, by the Exeter Dissenters Graveyard Trust contains a brief history of dissent in Exeter, information about some of the people buried in the graveyard and their families. Also covered is the graveyard’s physical aspects and the restorative work undertaken by the trustees and many volunteers.  There are numerous coloured photos and a loose plan of the graveyard showing the first named person on each memorial where this has been possible. Available from www.edgt.org.uk

Exeter Pubs by David Cornforth

Exeter PubsOver the past few centuries, nearly 500 pubs have opened their doors in Exeter. While many have been lost due to time, money or misfortune, the stories and memories created in these 'locals' live on. Exeter Pubs offers a captivating glimpse into the history of some of Exeter's most famous pubs. Drawing upon an eclectic collection of photographs, David Cornforth presents the reader with an insight into the history and life of the pubs in this area. From pub dogs to landlords, famous visitors to suspicious fires, this book tells the stories of Exeter's numerous watering holes. Just like countless travellers over the centuries, the modern reader is encouraged to stop for a pint in each and continue the stories of these historic establishments. Well-researched and beautifully illustrated, Exeter Pubs provides something for everyone, whether they have lived in Exeter all their lives, or whether they are just visiting this vibrant town. Available from Amazon Exeter Pubs (Amberley Pub)

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Historic Buildings of Exeter - iBook for your iPad

Published on the 1 December 2012 is the Exeter Memories iBook Historic Buildings of Exeter. Liberally illustrated with full screen photographs, illustartions and maps, the interactive book covers fourteen of Exeter's most loved buildings. The photos look stunning on the Retina display of the iPad 3, while the new iPad Mini is a convenient way to view the book. If you have an iPAd and love Exeter, this is the eBook for you. Moderately priced at £2.49, the book is available from iTunes here - Historic Buildings of Exeter - David Cornforth

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